The Montessori Baby


Illustrations for The Montessori Baby, a book by Simone Davies and Junnifa Uzodike.

The Montessori Baby is the perfect guide for any new or expecting parent that’s curious about the Montessori method and its emphasis on parenting with mindfulness, respect and understanding.⁣⁣

Originally published by:
Workman (USA)

• Brasil: nVersos Editora
• Bulgaria: Iztok Zapad
• Estonia: Tänapäev
• Germany: Beltz 
• Hungary: Open Books
• Indonesia: Bentang Pustaka
• Italy: Il Leone Verde Edizioni
• Poland: Bukowy Las
• Portugal: Editorial Presença
• Slovakia: Lindeni   
• The Netherlands: Uitgeverij Brandt
The United States: Workman

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